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Dedicated Legal Counsel for Bankruptcy Law

Superior Legal Assistance

Lynn Osborne P.C. can help with all aspects of bankruptcy, including :

Bankruptcy Law

Lynn Osborne, P.C. can help with all aspects of bankruptcy, including Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and debt relief. Emergency consultations are available.

Bankruptcy Law chapter 7

Chapter 7

Bankruptcy Law chapte 13
Chapter 13
Legal debt relief services
Debt Relief

Family Law

Offering compassionate care, Lynn Osborne, P.C. can assist with cases related to family law. She offers legal advice for divorce and visitation. Lynn Osborne P.C. has over 15 years of experience in providing clients with quality legal services.

Family Law

Family Law

Legal Divorce services


legal custody services



About Lynn Osborne

 Lynn Osborne has been practicing law since 2004. Clients can rely on her for dedicated legal assistance for bankruptcy and family law. Guiding you step-by-step through the bankruptcy process.  She does her best to make an otherwise difficult situation as smooth as possible.

Why Choose Us

Lynn Osborne, P.C. is a debt relief agency, helping people file for bankruptcy relief under the United Bankruptcy Code.

Experience You Can Trust


You Can Trust

Invaluable Bankruptcy Insight


Bankruptcy Insight

Dedicated  Assistance



Affordable Process




Lynn is excellent in her career. She helped me to understand the process, helped me to relieve a lot of the stress with filing. She also put me to ease with all the worrying and stressing over the collections. I most definitely will be referring her to others. Actually my parents are in the process of filing with her now :) Lynn does a great job and knows what she is doing.

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